Peek stage in Datastage

Peek stage in Datastage

The peek stage in DataStage allows printing the record column values to the output link to ob log. It can have one input link and multiple output links . The peek stage in DataStage is helpful to diagnose bug and monitor the job.

Properties :

Category/Property Values
Rows/All Records (After Skip) True/False
Rows/Number of Records (Per Partition) number
Rows/Period (per Partition) Number
Rows/Skip (per Partition) Number
Columns/Peek All Input Columns True/False
Columns/Input Column to Peek Input Column
Partitions/All Partitions True/False
Partitions/Partition Number number
Options/Peek Records Output Mode Job Log/Output
Options/Show Column Names True/False
Options/Delimiter String space/nl/tab

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