External source Stage in Datastage

External source Stage in Datastage

The external source stage in DataStage allows reading data from one or more external source programs.The external program is called with parameters specified.The stage can work in Parallel as well as sequential mode .it has one input link, one output link, and one reject link.

Quick Steps

  1. Output link Properties:
    1. Specify the source program details
    2. Specify the arguments required
    3. Determine how to process rejected rows
  2. Format Tab
    1. Specify the format details for the incoming rows (delimiter, quotes, etc.)
    2. use schema file if needed



Property Values
Source/Source Program string

source program cannot exceed 255 characters in case of Microsoft Windows

Source/Source Programs File pathname
Source/Source Method Specific Program(s)/ Program File(s)
Options/Keep File Partitions True/False
Options/Reject Mode Continue/Fail/Save
Options/Schema File Path
Options/Source Name Column column name
Options/Row number column column name
Options/Strip BOM True/False

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