Compress and Expand Stage in Datastage

Compress and Expand Stage in Datastage

Compress Stage

The compress stage in DataStage compresses the data using GZIP or UNIX compress utility into the stream of raw binary data.The data set can not be processed further until it is expanded to original form


The DataStage creates a new schema for the compressed data and keeps the original schema as sub-records.


Schema before compression:



Schema after compression :

( t: tagged {preservePartitioning=no}

( encoded: subrec

( bufferNumber: dfloat;

bufferLength: int32;

bufferData: raw[32000];


schema: subrec

( col1: int32;

col2: strin)


Properties :

Properties Value
Options /command Compress /Gzip


decode stage in datastage
Decode stage in DataStage


Expand Stage

The Expand Stage in DataStage compliment the compress stage. It allows you to expand the data set compressed earlier by compress stage.


Properties :

Properties Value
Options /command UnCompress /Gzip

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